State Rep Harrell Receives Award

Brett Harrell receives award from County Chairwoman Charlotte Nash and ACCG Associate Legislative Director Todd Edwards. (GDP photo)

The Gwinnett Daily Post reported that Snellville area state rep Brett Harrell has been awarded the Legislative Service Award from the Association of County Commissioners. According to the article,

State Rep. Brett Harrell was honored during the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners meeting earlier this week for this work to defeat proposed increases for truck weight limits on Georgia roads.

Harrell, R-Snellville, received the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia Legislative Service Award from ACCG Associate Legislative Director Todd Edwards and Gwinnett commission chairwoman Charlotte Nash.

“This past year, Rep. Brett Harrell stood strong as opposition to House Bill 411,” Edwards said during the presentation. “House Bill 411 had many reiterations … but at the end of the day, what it would have done is increase the truck weight limits on our roads from 80,000 pounds to 84,000 pounds with a 4 or 5 percent variance so it would have been raised essentially to 88,000 pounds.”

Harrell serves on the House Transportation Committee where he voiced his opposition to the truck weight increase. Edwards explained that higher weights would have been detrimental to counties because the heavier trucks would have put more stress on local and state roads, which would in turn lead to more tax dollars being spent on repairs.

Harrell said it was a pleasure to work with ACCG and Gwinnett officials on the issue.

“I appreciate the kindness you’ve shown,” he said. “The county is very active at the state, making sure that our delegation is well aware of the issues and how they impact the citizens in Gwinnett.”

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