‘A night of healing’ to take place Thursday on Towne Green

In the wake of the recent tragedies across the nation last week, Councilman Bobby Howard is hoping a local event will help begin to heal the wounds created throughout the country.
The councilman and others have organized a “Snellville Unity Gathering” scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday on the Towne Green in front of City Hall.
“This is in direct response to the tragedies of the past week,” Howard said. “My heart hurts for our entire country. So, let’s begin in our own home town. My goal will be for this to be a time of bringing our community together and to pray. I hope to see you there. You can make a difference. Join local clergy, local youth and city officials as we gather to have a conversation and build unity in our community.”
Howard is inviting residents of the surrounding communities as well and has invited the congregations of local churches.
A list of guest speakers and more details will be released before the Thursday event.



This was posted by a dear friend, Solange Destang:

All morning long I had the liberty of reading every post that flooded my timeline. Some of them were spewed with hatred/ racist remarks, while others were calling for peace and calm.

While it’s okay to have a voice on the latest developments, it is not okay to demonstrate it with a voice of hatred. Way too much finger pointing going on. Granted that some police officers in our country need to be mandated to take a course on Public Sensitivity 101 and a Diversity course to be better able to deal with the diverse population. If they break the law, then there need to be severe consequences in place. However, MOST officers are not bad people. They are good and caring family men and women who are actually in this line of work to serve and protect us. Their hours are long, they are definitely under paid, and they do not ask anything from us other than to follow the law.
Now here are my two questions. What can each one of us – all ethnicities involved- do to better our families, our communities, and our cities etc? What have we done lately to promote unity among all color lines? Touchy subjects right? Yes, there are dialogues here and there, but more needs and can be done. Although the trust has been broken by certain situations/ individuals, just know that it can be mended. Stop harboring so much hate that it consumes your very well-being. While, it’s easier said than done, we can still try, and try again. All this senseless killings on all sides NEED to stop TODAY for our future sakes. People, we are killing ourselves off! Our children mimic what they see. We have to learn to clean our hearts and to take a strong stand against all these negativities. It’s a no-brainer that we cannot resolve this existing problem with retaliating in using or promoting violence/ exhibiting hate of any kind. So, I’m challenging you to sit back and talk to your children today, like I talk to my children. Teach them to harbor compassion in their hearts, instead of hate. Give them the wisdom to challenge themselves to rise up and do what is right for themselves. I’m all about promoting peace! What about you?

Solange II

I give my respectful props to my Snellville Police Department in Georgia for taking care of us the way they do. Thank you for your service to us. May God always protect you all on the force.

All content was added from Solange Destang’s FB Page, thank you

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