“We tried social media, it did nothing for us.”

Maybe you just need to use social media more effectively. How long did you try?

Some businesses are very random and inconsistent with their social media posting. They just ask a couple employees to “post stuff once in awhile.” There is no logical plan behind this.  Ruh roh! Your strategy for dusting the silk houseplants in the office is better than your social media plan.

If your employees are not trained in social media, or they may not even like doing the social media, it will show — Just as an employee answering the phone with a smile or without a smile shines through to customers.

If you have an in-house employee handle your social media, first make darn sure the person likes doing it. He or she needs to be a person who likes you, loves your company as well as your product.  It needs to be a nice person who really likes people and enjoys helping people.

At the same time, the person you choose for your social media maven needs to be a savvy marketer too, one that will know:

  • It matters what time of day the posts go on Facebook.
  • That there is a better way to share pages of your website than just putting a link on Facebook.
  • There is a way to track results of their Facebook posts.

Networking with other businesses on Facebook can be an effective tool in building your brand and can set up some cooperative marketing opportunities. I shouldn’t just mention Facebook though. Twitter is an excellent platform for your company to use – the simple act of retweeting another company’s tweet along with a positive comment before their username is a great way to get a conversation going.

But, that’s the way we’ve ALWAYS done it!

And YOU, yes you, the employer, must see the value of Facebook. If social media is seen as just something your employee should do when they aren’t busy with other tasks you deem more important, then you aren’t giving social media work the time and respect it needs.

Maybe you the business owner are handling the company’s social media. On the surface, that seems very reasonable and logical, as you know your business best. However, look at the information again above. Are you a person who really enjoys interacting with people, or do you just like your business? There is no shame in not being “a people person.”  Not everybody is or should be. Everyone has their gifts.  There is nothing wrong with outsourcing this work to someone who does enjoy it and is good at it. Just make sure you both have a clear plan on what is to be accomplished and what image that should be projected for the brand you want to build or maintain.

Social media work  will not be instant results, but it is a very viable means to communicating with your customers and potential customers.  Even if you don’t see results right away, you are BUILDING YOUR BRAND. You are building your company’s image.

I think we are often too caught up in “instant.”
Just as processed instant foods have very little nutritional value, wanting instant marketing and networking won’t hold up over time. Look for complementary connections that will last, and remember that there is a person behind every account. They have emotions and goals – How can you help them achieve their objectives?

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