Assured Guam Won’t Capsize, Hank Johnson Plans Protest Event

Having been assured that the island of Guam will not capsize, (although word has it, he’s not sure about Stone Mountain) Congressman Hank Johnson, is planning a protest event in Clarkston to whine about the incoming Trump administration and the GOP agenda. (If you live in the Snellville area, south of Highway 78, there’s a good chance you’re in the 4th Congressional District and Johnson is your representative.)

Johnson is calling his event the “Fourth District Day of Resistance”, a rather presumptive title as it’s clear that many in the 4th District welcome the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled House and Senate. Many citizens also welcome the proposed repeal of Obamacare, which is the primary focus of Johnson’s event, co-hosted by Clarkston mayor Ted Terry.

According to a press release from Johnson’s office, “Joined by faith leaders, environmentalists, seniors, students and immigration reform supporters among others, Johnson and Terry will gather to support Bernie Sanders’ nationwide call to oppose the Republican budget, which calls for throwing 30 million people off of health care, taking their insurance away, privatizing Medicare, making massive cuts in Medicaid and at the same time giving tax breaks to the wealthy.”

Just as Johnson’s concern about Guam capsizing was inspired by ignorance, so is his position on the Republican budget, which neither calls for throwing 30 million people off of health care, nor taking their insurance away. Additionally, the budget does not call for privatizing Medicare nor making massive cuts in Medicaid.

Johnson’s statements about healthcare are no surprise, given his statements in town hall meetings, such as the one he held in Snellville a few years ago. In that meeting he stated that if most people would just pay an additional $1500 a year for their health insurance, then everyone would be able to have insurance coverage.

Johnson justifies his idea of providing free health insurance to low income people by stating it’s for the “common good”. In essence, he’s saying that “common good” means taking money from one group and giving it to another. In fact, Johnson’s plan, like Obamacare, is more about income redistribution than healthcare.

As for the “Day of Resistance”, it would make much more sense to wait until a formal GOP healthcare plan was put forward so that Johnson would know what he was resisting. But that’s beside the point; Johnson’s “Day of Resistance” sounds more like a “Day of Political Campaigning”.




    • I went today as a former Candidate for State Senate in the 55th Senate District and all the speakers including, Michael Thurmond, did nothing but talk about Trump and his picks for the White House. Wow!

  1. Bless ‘ol Hank’s heart. He’s trying hard to unseat Sheila Jackson-Lee from the throne….The throne reserved for the dumbest rep in Congress. I think he may succeed.

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