Big Sky, Canine Pet Rescue and The Clydesdales with Carla Brown

I was very fortunate to make a trip to Big Sky Ranch and visit with Carla Brown. And yes, I got some close-up time with the world-famous Clydesdales, but I also got to tour the Canine Pet Rescue facility she founded. It was a very exciting day for me on many levels. To start with, it was the first time I was in and around a horse barn since my high school days. I owned two horses at different times and worked at the barns that housed them in exchange for the rent to keep them there. The smells and atmosphere of the Big Sky barns took me back to the days when I had my own horse.

I had wanted to make the trip there for quite some time, ever since I first became friends with Carla, so the Clydesdales were just an added bonus.

The Canine Pet Rescue operation that Carla founded is a very nice facility that allows the pups to go outside or stay inside with a larger outside ‘play’ area. The building is very clean and if you go  Here for the website and you can get all the full details about the canine rescue effort. Please take a minute to read the info on the ‘Monetary Donation’ page. Canine Pet Rescue has literally saved dogs from all over the nation, and in some cases from foreign countries. You can also go Here to connect the Facebook page and you can ‘Like’ the FB page to stay tuned in to what’s new there.


In addition to housing Canine Pet Rescue, Big Sky Farm is a Quarter Horse boarding and breeding facility situated on 30 acres of gently rolling pasture land. It is located in Dacula, GA, about 40 miles NE of Atlanta. I only saw the resident horses from a distance since I spent most of my time there in the large barn which houses the 13 stalls that housed the 10 Clydesdales and 2 Dalmatians for the week. There were so many areas I will definitely go back to see and the entire farm is indeed a ‘working’ farm and very well kept. To learn more about Big Sky click Here for the Web site and also Here for the FB page.


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