Citizens Response to Active Shooter Event

I was privileged to attend, along with my wife and many friends, the recent CRASE held at the Snellville First Baptist Church. It was held by two of Snellvilles finest. The Snellville Police Department offered two free classes in March called Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events.
The purpose of the training was to help people develop an understanding of what they can do to be safe and to help themselves as well as others if they find themselves in such a crisis situation.
Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Because they are typically over within minutes, usually before law enforcement arrives; people need to be mentally and physically prepared to survive an encounter.
The class being taught by our police department is based on a three-step plan known as Avoid, Deny and Defend.
The class was be taught by two Snellville Police Officers, who used videos and audio recording that depict violent incidents.

I was and have always been impressed by how many classes our Officers do to ensure education of the community. Why? Because they do it on their own time, they really do care and want to do anything in their power to make us safe.

I came across a nice link of an interview with one of the officers which provides a lot of the information presented in the class.If you were unable to attend, take a few minutes and listen at this link Click the arrow at the left after the link opens.You’ll be glad you did.


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