City Council Report- 6/13/15

Snellville City Hall

The Snellville City Council had a busy night at the June 13th meeting. They passed a new budget for the coming year, approved two new members for the Downtown Development Authority and three new members for the Development Authority of Snellville, passed new ordinances for permits to sell fireworks and hours that fireworks can be set off and had a preview of the city’s new web site that’s going to go live on Friday June 17.

A big part of the new budget is the new trash contract with Advanced Disposal. The city’s contract with its present trash removal company expires at the end of June and the new contract is a lot more expensive, even though the company that got the contract was the lowest price. It seems that the old company under-bid its contract and according to some people, that was obvious because of poor service. Things are more expensive now than they were five years ago and that’s part of it too. All that added up to a contract that was more than $300,000 more than the last one. But the new budget is still balanced and there’s no increase in the tax rate. The new budget also includes raises for city employees.

The council also approved an increase in storm water fees. No one likes to see fees increase but I did some checking and Snellville’s fees will still be about half of what people pay in unincorporated Gwinnett County.

Also on Monday night the council honored Captain Carey Roberts who is retiring and moving out of the area. There’s a separate article about Captain Roberts.

Committee reports were also presented for the Downtown Development Authority, Development Authority of Snellville and the Evermore CID.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting (June 27) has been cancelled because the council members will be in Savannah at the Georgia Municipal Association. The next meeting is on July 11.


  1. Dave Emanuel could you help us out with an explanation of the Evermore CID? I know just a small amount on the subject James.

    • CID is an acronym for Community Improvement District, which is a self-taxing entity. Businesses within a CID agree to pay a tax which is used to fund improvements. That’s a very brief overview. I’ll write something more in depth and send it to you.

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