Coming Soon – Candidate Debate

As we promised The has reached out to all candidates running for Mayor and Council and asked them to join in a debate to be held at South Gwinnett High School. We have offered a 2 week period and asked for dates that would work for each and dates that would not. I will update on this post every 24 hours as I receive replies. Stay tuned and check back daily


  1. What do you think about allowing people to send in questions to this site? Not all people are able to attend but would like questions answered. Run the questions past candidate representatives for appropriateness as the other questions were done at last debate. Just a suggestion to reach out to the public. I think the questions should be from the people of Snellville. Not sure how you would verify.

  2. I will be available during the the last week in September and the first week of October. Or any other time you’d like to schedule a debate.

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