Commissioners Deny Webb Gin House Road Development Plan

As most of you are aware, this is not actually in Snellville, however, had it been approved,  the impact would have affected many Snellville residents. To a degree, Snellville is a victim of its own success. The city has become the shopping mecca for the area and although Snellville’s success has brought great economic benefits to the city, it has also brought traffic issues. (Unfortunately, it seems you can’t have one without the other, even in areas with mass transit options.) The proposed development on Webb Gin House Road would have created additional traffic, and a number of other issues for existing area residents. Many local residents worked very hard to explain their position regarding the project, and obviously, they were not alone in their opposition.

According to a report in Loganville Patch, “With dozens of opponents looking on, the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners rejected a proposal Tuesday that would have built 300 apartments and 99 single-family homes on Webb Gin House Road.

Commissioners voted 3-0 to deny a rezoning request by developers JLP Holdings LLLP that would have cleared the way for the 56-acre project.

The county’s staff and Planning Commission both had recommended denial of the project.

Residents of the area complained that the development would cause major traffic problems in an already busy area and put a strain on other resources like schools.

The development would have been between the Shoppes at Webb Gin and Snellville Exchange shopping centers and a residential area made up of single-family homes.

After hearing from an attorney for the developers and several members of the public opposed to the plan, the three commission members who were present wasted no time, voting without discussion to deny the request.

Lee Tucker, an attorney for the developers suggested legal action could be next.

“Hopefully, you all will approve what I’ve asked you to approve tonight, but if you don’t I guess we’ll have to see, maybe we’ll get a chance to test the constitutionality of the zoning as applied this particular piece of property,” Tucker said.”

To watch the commission’s consideration of the request at Tuesday’s meeting, click here.


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  1. Great job, SnellvilleTimes, running the film of the hearing. Since I was working at Safety Night Out on Tuesday night, I was precluded from attending the hearing by making my choice to fulfill that obligation. You did well and seemed to have recognized that single home owners have property rights too. Thank you.

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