Dave Emanuel- Working hard to Give Hunger the Boot

Every day we hear stories about people in need. Sometimes it’s families that have been hit by the loss of a job or sickness or other unexpected hardship.There are many sad stories I could share about but this, but there’s also a good story and one hits close to home. It’s about people helping people in need. In Snellville, Councilman Dave Emanuel and his wife Kathy  launched a program in cooperation with the Southeast Gwinnett Food Co-Op. It’s called GIVE HUNGER THE BOOT, and through this program, Dave has partnered with many local businesses to make sure nobody goes without a meal. Dave doesn’t do it for the notoriety, he does it because he cares. Whether it’s raining, cold, or even snowing, you can bet Dave will be doing whatever it takes to get food donations to the co-op. I remember one time during the winter a few years ago when it was 14 degrees outside and Dave drove into Tucker, picked up a large truck and helped load three pallets of canned food. He delivered the food to the co-op and drove back to Tucker to drop off the truck he had borrowed to make the delivery. It’s that kind of commitment to the community that sets Dave apart. It’s that kind of leadership that Dave brings to the Council. He doesn’t talk much about all the behind-the-scenes work he does to help the co-op. He talks about the need to help people and encourages others to join the effort. That’s why I support Dave and I encourage you to do the same. Whether he’s working on something for the city or just trying to help people in the area, Dave is a true public servant. So let’s all work together and help Dave GIVE HUNGER THE BOOT.


  1. Yeah Dave and yeah Anna! You hit the nail on the head! I’ve been trying to do this for the past few months with my bible study group, with my bunco group, with my neighborhood and it is AMAZING to see how many folks are willing to give. I also volunteer my time at the co-op each Monday with my grown kids to help even more. They need our time as well as our contributions! Thanks Dave for all you do!!

  2. YEA to Dave and his wife for putting the issue of hunger in front of us! BUT, we cannot become complacent about seeing the articles, signs, and other signage for this program to combat hunger.
    Just think, our society today unfortunately has been described as a “ME” society. Do we have the strength, the courage, and the vision to take the Giant “M” at the front of ‘ME’ and turn it upside down. Guess what! It becomes a “W” – and that spells “WE.”
    We are all being called to turn re-examine and just maybe turn some things upside down that are just not working in our lives today and in the lives of others. Are we brave enough, visionary enough, intelligent enough, and strong enough to go against the pop culture and invest in “WE” instead of “ME” for a change?
    What would “WE” look like in terms of combating hunger? May I suggest that any event or gathering at a school, civic club, house of worship, etc. automatically include each time they meet the call for food items for the co-op. Something as simple as a concert at school, the Friday evening high school football games, Lions Club/Rotary club meeting. . . (the list grows and grows) it becomes commonplace and understood that when “We” gather WE are compassionate enough to make it a “We” experience by bringing a food item to donate to the co-op. Don’t forget – it is incumbent upon those in charge to have a designated area for collections and to make arrangements for delivery of the items to the co-op. Perhaps there are those in our communities (retired persons?) who would be willing to transport the items to the co-op if need be. There are always varieties of needs to be met when we ‘turn the letter upside down.’
    Come on. . . lets pull together. . . if you and your neighbor grab one end of the “M”, then I and others will take the other end and look what will happen. . .

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