Don’t Be a Cheap Tipper

Last week, me, my husband and my 2 youngest kids went to a restaurant at the Avenues.
I do not want to state where, because, it was a server issue and not a restaurant issue.
This month is my birthday. I get a free meal because of the rewards program they have.
Our waitress, did not know, nor gave us the opportunity to let her know, I use to be a
waitress at Ruby Tuesday’s and a few other restaurants, when my oldest was a toddler. I
completely HATED getting the BOGO coupons because I knew I would get jipped on my
tip. What should had been a $40 meal with a $6-$8 tip becomes a $20 meal with only a
$3 tip. Seriously, 9 times out of 10 that would happen.
Because of having it happen to me, I refuse to do that now. If my meal is discounted, me
and my husband still tip off of what “would have been” the total. And if the server is
STILL very good, knowing we were getting a discount, we give above 20%.
So, this server had 4 other tables. I was watching her. She was giving her best to all 4 of
the other tables. She had someone else bring our food. She had someone else refill our
drinks. She had someone else “check” on us. Even my husband noticed what she was
doing. She assumed we were going to be a cheap tipper because I was getting a free
I told my husband, NOT to tip her good. It was very rude. Instead, he tipped her 20% of
what would have been the total and wrote her a note that said “Don’t assume.” Now, I
do not know if she understood that message. I did not stick around to find out.
So here is my Opinionated Georgia Peach coming out. When you go to a restaurant, get
to know your server. You will find out most are new parents, in college, trying to buy a
car, trying to move out of mom and dad’s…..etc. There is normally a story. If you are
given good service, tip accordingly! Don’t be cheap and tip off a discounted total. They
are normally still doing everything they would be doing if you did not have the
Now, this may make some people mad……my WORST tippers were caucasian senior
citizens. I kid you not. $40 meal and a $3 tip. $50 meal and a $3 tip. You get the
point. Remember, a server only makes a little over $2.00/hour!!!! They live off tips.
AND depending on the restaurant, at the end of your shift, you have to “tip out” the
hostess, food runner, bartender AND/OR busboy/girl. There would be some nights I
would make over $100 in tips in just a 4 hour shift. BUT, by the time I tipped everyone
out, I would shell out about about $25-$35. The “tip out” is based off of percentages of
alcohol sales (to the bartender), number of tables (hostess and bussing) and over all
tickets (hostess). Now, some of that may have changed in the last 7 years. If it has, I
would love to know how it is divided up.
Point is, don’t be cheap! If you have never been a server, you have NO IDEA how hard a
job it actually is. There is a reason you have a lunch shift and a supper shift. Days I
worked doubles, I was more tired than I am having 3 kids! You don’t get to sit. You are
constantly carrying heavy trays or plates, not to mention hot! You are walking around
on a hard floor for several hours straight which means your feet and lower back hurt.
You are mentally tired from dealing with rude customers, screaming kids, obnoxious
drunk people, etc. When a server gets a “fun, friendly family or couple” it is almost like
a break. They can be themselves and loosen up a little bit.
Don’t get me wrong, if your server is not doing their job, then don’t tip 15-20%. If it is
really bad, politely, let the manager know. The shift manager is there for that reason,
but they are not the reason for that server to be not doing their job. Does that make
That’s my opinion. Like it or not!



  1. Yes Trish! Exactly!
    Ellie – one person checked one time and someone else did it another time and a 3rd person ran our food. Our waitress took our order, checked one time and brought our ticket.

  2. Yes, yes, YES to everything you said! I was a waitress once-upon-a-time. I made it 3 whole days before I quit. That was eons ago, and now 2 of my kids are currently waiting tables to pay bills. If your waiter sucks, then don’t tip (report it to management and even be as bold as to tell your waiter so they can learn). But for Pete’s Sake, $4 tip on a $100 bill is really an awful thing to do if there weren’t problems (something my daughter said happened last week to her.) I wish more people would do the job just for a couple days to see what it’s like.

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