Freedom Fidos – Service Dogs For Our Hero’s & Kids

Some of you may have seen Freedom Fido’s in action at the Snellville Days event last month. I was not able to be there but after hearing of them I reached out to Matt Burgess, Executive Director. The Freedom Fido’s will be on the Towne Green for our Memorial Day event on May the 27th.

This is a short version of their mission statement:  Freedom Fido’s is about humanity. It is not about me or the amazing people who invest themselves in the success of this organization. We believe that when we operate from a love of humanity with a collective goal to love, accept, enrich, empower, and change the lives of our fellow citizens we live a deeply rewarding life. When we live in this manner we believe we can and do make our world a better place, in which we can all exist harmoniously. We hope you find it innovative, warm, informative, and in some small way has an impact. We hope it gives you a small glimmer of hope and something to be part of.

And this is the correspondence I received from Matt.

Currently we have 32 active service dog handlers, 10 more in training, and a waiting list of 200 plus people.  In our first three years our service dogs stopped 3 suicides, lowered blood pressures, empowered veterans to stop taking psychotropic drugs, increased weight loss, and warned handlers of numerous medical conditions to include seizures, diabetes, and migraines. One of our service dogs has saved his handler’s life 5 times.: In the first three years  since our inception we have rescued and certified 32 dogs. We now have a waiting list of over 200 individuals. At our current state we are able to produce 10 service dogs a year. It cost us $4000 to produce a service dog. We specialize in Dogs which help with physical injuries. It takes 1 to 2 years to produce a task trained service dog.

_ We are an IRS approved, 501(C)(3) Non profit organization

-No member of Freedom Fidos receives a salary. We are strictly volunteers.

-All donations go back to the Organization, the dogs, and the veterans. 

We are extremely excited about our new, Four Acre, facility in Columbus Ga which was graciously financed for us by one of our Board Members. 

OUR Needs:

Since the inception of Freedom Fidos, our Board members and our Bylaws have stated that all funds received would go straight to the dogs and the populations we serve. We are proud to have kept this promise. Therefore, whenever the organization has a need, we list them directly so individuals have the opportunity or choice to donate directly towards those needs. 

Donated Contracting services for the metal building which will house 10 dogs:concrete slab, fencing(kennels),etc.  Cost $20,000.

Donated Laptop

Donated Driveable RV(Class A/Motorhome): One of the niches we fill has been an educational element. This includes colleges, schools, and many other events. We are honored to fulfill these requests. Additionally, we are frequently traveling in order to attend fundraisers and go to the veterans which are physically unable to come to our location; thus keeping the physical well being of the dogs which travel with us as well as our need to travel to the veteran is the rationale behind our wish for an RV.

Vendors to Donate their services in the following areas:

T Shirts, patches,hats, brochures,etc…

Additional Facility needs:

Donated Riding Lawn Mower

Donated Tractor

Donated Washer and Dryer

Please take a minute to visit the website Here to get the full story.

A reminder, if you cannot make an event you can still check into the Towne Green “Live Cam”  and the Veterans Memorial “Live Cam” by clicking these links.

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