Garry Lapides, Announcement

Garry A. Lapides

2118 Harbor Oaks Drive

Snellville, GA 30078

Home: 770-985-0511

Cell: 678-471-6836

September 6, 2015


Garry Lapides, former member of the Snellville Planning and Zoning Commission, former member of the Evermore Community Improvement District and a current member of the Snellville Police Association (Police Auxiliary) announces he is a candidate for Mayor of Snellville.

The 69 Year old graduate of Michigan State University, father of two sons and four grandchildren, is committed to bringing patience, maturity and a firm resolve to restore efficiency and accountability, to Snellville’s government. “I’ve spent most of my life in private business and can say unequivocally that Snellville’s current government is no way to run a railroad – we can and must do better.” said Lapides.

“One of my favorite quotes about government comes from the English author Oscar Wilde: ‘Life under good government is rarely dramatic, life under a bad government is always so.’ stated Lapides”

“I’m running for Mayor to bring an end to the dysfunctional drama of lawsuits, name- calling and infighting and replace it with civility, co-operation and compromise.  It’s time for a change.“ added Lapides

“That doesn’t mean having a rubber stamp city council. I welcome other points of view and the give and take of normal political debate – a healthy democratic process demands it. But I won’t forget good manners. I’ll treat everyone, friend and foe alike, with dignity and respect.”  concluded Lapides.



  1. So it looks like Garry Lapides has no plans and no vision and thinks city government should be run like a railroad. If you look at those hate mailers that went out a few weeks ago, I guess Lapides is Joe Newton’s candidate. My question is why is Lapides in bed with someone from Norcross?

  2. Too kumbaya for me. Sounds like Gary’s points are “gonna make things better”; “no way to run a railroad”; “etc”. Maybe counsel meetings will be around a campfire in the Town Green. Until he comes up with something definite, the only thing I see him seriously doing is skimming off votes for one of two serious candidates.Jessayin”.

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