What does it mean? That depends because it can be defined in many ways.


The components of leadership include both a willingness to research and a practical skill, encompassing the ability to “lead” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. 
Leaders often have a specific quest at hand. Consider the explorer who who cuts a path through the jungle for others to follow. Is he not on a quest to find not only his way out, but the way out for everyone who follows? Leaders build trust among those whom follow them.They don’t just seek solutions, they develop strategies through which they seek results that benefit not just themselves, but their team. They have a cause and quest to seek the highest reward at all cost. They never look back, but instead always focus on what’s ahead. Is it not the explorer who sees the clearing ahead before everyone else? You see, leadership comes with great responsibility and great vision. Leaders understand that they must first go ahead and ensure the path is safe for all who come behind. They must have a clear vision for what lies ahead. 
Leadership is more than just this, it’s courage to take the chances to seek the vision you seek while at the same time and getting others to share in that vision. 
We’ve seen that type of leadership here in Snellville and throughout Gwinnett County. And now, with Donald Trump as President-elect, we’re seeing visionary leadership at the national level. To some he may seem reckless, but I think he’s being practical and has a clear vision for where he wants to lead us to achieve economic growth and prosperity. 
I’m ready for 2017 and excited to see where the vision he has takes us. My bet is his vision is not much different than yours or mine: A stronger economy. A stronger AMERICA. And a path to individual success for everyone.
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