More Trash in My Mailbox

On August 19th, we published Trash in My Mailbox after we received a piece of mail that had nothing but false statements about Tom Witts and Dave Emanuel, two candidates running for reelection to the Snellville City Council. Since that time, three more pieces of trash mail have shown up in our mailboxes. Like the first one, they are riddled with false claims and were sent by a person who has multiple felony and misdemeanor arrests and convictions.

Obviously, these mailings are designed to influence the City Council election this November, but the question is, who is paying for these mailings and what do they hope to gain? We can think of a couple of possibilities.

Whoever is behind the smear campaign is trying to place the blame for Snellville’s legal expenses on Tom Witts and Dave Emanuel. In fact, Kelly Kautz bears the sole blame for costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. She is the person who sued the city not once but twice. So one real possibility is that someone backing Kautz is trying to make her look like a victim to gain voter sympathy.

So a mailing claiming others are responsible for Snellville’s excessive legal fees she caused fits her “I’m a victim” pattern. However since she has had her wages garnished on several occasions for not paying her bills, it seems apparent she doesn’t have the money to pay for these mailings which have cost thousands of dollars. Someone else is obviously paying the tab.

Another possibility is that these mailings are designed to throw mud on Witts and Emanuel to get ready for some candidates who have been lurking in the shadows. They will wait until the last minute to announce that they are running and will try to make themselves look like rescuers who are getting in the race to save the city from all the bad publicity created by the Kautz lawsuits.

Why else would these mailouts be sent two weeks before the time that candidates have to qualify to run for election? In the next week or two, if you hear of a new candidate or two announcing that they are running for city council, you can bet they are behind the negative mailouts. Any candidate who thinks these mailouts will help them obviously thinks voters are stupid. Maybe that’s why some of the mailouts say “Hello Suckers”.

We haven’t been able to find proof of who is paying for the mailouts, but we have our suspicions. It is someone who hopes to gain financially at the expense of Snellville taxpayers.

When you boil it all down, one thing becomes really obvious. Whoever is paying for these mailouts is an unethical low-life. And any candidate who tries to take advantage of the phony claims in the mailouts fits the same description. That’s where the subject should be left.

These mailouts have gotten very emotional reactions from many people. They have expressed their feelings of dislike for the people responsible very strongly. That’s understandable. But everyone should remember this is politics and sometimes, politics is not pretty. The best way to react to these sleazy mailings is to keep your emotions in check. When your emotions take over, your voice may not be heard. Guard against that please. Rise above the sleaze and phony claims. Support the candidates who have a proven record of doing good things for our city. As one of the Snellville Facebook pages says, “Let your VOTE be your voice”.

Election day is November 3rd. You can also vote early or vote with an absentee ballot.


  1. Great comments Steve! Even a submariner knows you don’t hide a submarine just make it “look” like something it’s not. “Look” means visual, audible, and electronic signatures. Yeah, we grunts have it made only having to hide ourselves and equipment. Right Mickey? I never had to hide a sixty-plus ton Main Battle Tank. Camouflage is primarily making something appear to be something it’s not. Right hunters?
    My point is this. There may be some elements out there who are not showing their hands until later. Kenny “The Gambler” Rogers sang about “..know when to hold ’em…when to fold ’em…when to walk away…when to run…”. The viable candidates are out there and so are the deep pockets of speculators who intend to keep them as deep or deeper down the road. Keep your eyes on Evermore CID which doesn’t end at the western but the eastern city limits. Why would they be interested in controlling the city counsel and mayor? Because that would control the one appointed position on the Evermore board that is appointed by mayor and counsel. Why is that a big deal since what could one person do? Get the vote that would lead to votes to put the median right through town. Why? To keep traffic flowing through town toward Loganville. The city isn’t growing outward to the south and east while the north is filling in the gaps. Eastward to Loganville and the semi-virgin land there. Oh, I forgot about the acres to be part of the multi-use commercial and residential development between Loganville and Grayson and US-78. If I wished to have an influence and/or control over this land of milk and honey I’d sell my business on the west side, invest in a business on the east side, and with my experience as an original member of Evermore CID but not anymore, get my person on the board to expand the CID from Snellville city limits east to Loganville. If Evermore’s charter can’t be amended create a new one and call it “Forevermore” or whatever (more). Sci-fi, maybe, but AULD acquaintance should not be forgot.

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