New garbage service begins July 1

While many of us are aware of the incoming new trash service if your neighborhood is anything like mine there are several who do not use Facebook and may be unaware of the upcoming changes. Help them out by educating and remind them that if they do use a computer the new and improved City website now allows you to subscribe to get updated info.

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The city’s new garbage collection company, Advanced Disposal, will start operation July 1.
In the meantime, residents will be asked to put their old garbage carts to the curb so the city’s former hauler, Waste Pro, can pick up its containers. Letters will be attached to the new carts with more instructions.
Drop off sites used by garbage haulers are no longer accepting recyclables mixed with glass therefore there is no curbside pick up of glass. Residents may bring glass to the Snellville Recycling Center, located on Marigold Road next to Briscoe Park.
Residents will have a new 65-gallon trash cart and a new 18-gallon recycling bin.  Please take a minute to review the new recycle items that may or may not be put in the bin.
Items to recycle in bins:
•Aluminum and steel food and beverage containers
•Aluminum baking tins
•#1, #2 and #3 plastic bottles and containers
•Cardboard boxes (broken down)
•Kraft paper (grocery and lunch bags)
•Cereal, shoe, tissue and other packaging boxes
•Soda, beer and other drink box cartons
•Paper towel and tissue paper cores
•All junk mail
•Newspaper and inserts
•Mixed paper (calendars, school and computer paper, envelopes, old greeting cards and other forms)
•Phone books, catalogs, paperback books and magazines
Please do not place these items in your recycling bin/cart:
•Aerosol cans
•Glass bottles and panes
•Paint containers
•Plastic grocery bags
•Yard waste construction debris
The same volume-based garbage procedures are still in place. Residents are not charged for basic service nor is there a separate line item on tax bills. Any extra garbage must be placed in the blue city bags. Blue city bags which have the current sanitation provider, Waste Pro’s name on it, will continue to be collected at curbside by the new service provider, Latham Sanitation (Advanced Disposal). The existing bags with Waste Pro’s name on the box will continue to be sold at Kroger, Publix, City Hall and Public Works until the inventory is depleted.
Sanitation carts must be at the curb no later than 7 a.m.
Residents are asked to place their garbage container on the opposite side of the driveway from the recycling container, if possible and not in front of a mailbox. Remember the lid should open facing the street. We appreciate you following the guidelines to make this service as efficient as possible.
Residents with questions or those who want a 65-gallon recycling cart can call Public Works from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday at 770-985-3527.

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