Eliminate one word from your vocabulary and see your attitude sore.  That’s right; there is one word that is detrimental to the health of adults as we age.  O L D.  Oh horrors!  That word conjures up so many images.

Thinking back to when we were children, do you ever remember your parents referring to growing up as being old?  “When you grow old”, or “Remember when you grow old”, NO.  It was always, “when you grow UP”.  As adults, we are not growing old, we are growing up.  And the best part is we can keep growing up for as long as we want to.  There is no stopping us except ourselves.

Seniors need a change of attitude.  Get rid of the “O” word and replace it with “Growing UP”.    Keep filling up that preverbal bucket list, because guess what?  Now that you are growing up you will have a lot more opportunities ahead of you.  You will have less time to think about when you will have to turn in the keys and move to the Senior Living Center.

As you continue to “grow up” remember that you control your destiny.  You decide when it is time to stop growing up.  You already know that taking care of your health and exercise are two important aspects of staying young.  Add to that increased sociability, and brain power and you have the four main ingredients of staying young for twice the amount of time.

Seniors today have so many more advantages than we did 20 or 30 years ago.  We must continue to learn, whether by watching news, reading news, going back to school (yes it is never too late to learn), or playing those fun brain games online.  All of these will increase your brain size by allowing more receptors to be born.  Consequently we get younger.  How wonderful is that?  If we do not utilize our brain it will decrease in size causing us to lose our abilities.

So say NO to the O and YES to increased years of happiness and fun.

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