Snellville Candidate Debate at South Gwinnett HS

Several weeks ago, we wrote, “If you don’t know who to vote for in this year’s city council election, we can help. No, we’re not going to tell you who to vote for, we’re going to help you decide for yourself. There’s no better way to see how candidates stack up than to listen to their ideas and plans for the future.”

We went round-and-round trying to schedule this debate. Some candidates told us, “any time, anywhere, we’ll be there”. Others said they would only agree to a debate if it was done the way they wanted. Time is getting short. Too short to continue having a debate about the debate. So we have scheduled the Snellville Times Candidate Debate for October 15th at 7:00 in the auditorium at South Gwinnett High School.

So what’s on your mind? Bring your questions to the debate. You can turn in your questions at the debate and we will have representatives for each candidate look them over to make sure they are legitimate and then have the moderator ask them.




  1. Now that we finally have liquor by the drink, what is the Snellville Council doing to get a hotel in this town with ballrooms for wedding receptions and reunions ?

  2. To add to Tricia’s comment, we were under the gun for securing an outside moderator and the facility and that’s why we picked this date. As she said, we encourage you to have supper at O’Charley’s before or after the debate and we also will have a “Tip” jar at the front door of the debate in order for you to help support these fine SPD Officers.

  3. Since this debate falls on Tip A Cop night, I would like to suggest that everyone go eat early at O’Charley’s, then head over to the debate. Also, it would be nice to take up a collection for the loss that may come to the officers due to this competition.

  4. Was this finally a date that all the candidates agreed to and all have indicated they are coming to? Or is this a “take it or leave it” date because you could never get a consensus date from “some” of the candidates? I believe Tom Witts, Dave Emanuel, Roger Marmol and Cristy Lenski had told you any time, any where.

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