There’s Nothing Better Than This Epic Festival In Georgia

While this is not Snellville related it is just south of us in Macon and if you have never been to this festival you don’t know what you’re missing. I was fortunate to deliver in Macon for several years and often stayed the weekend during it.  Article taken from website.

This year brings about some truly awesome festivals in the state of Georgia. From music to food to wine, you’ll find it all practically right in your backyard. However, there is one particular festival this year in Macon, Georgia that promises to be the most beautiful festival you’ve ever attended. In fact, after starting as just a 3-day festival, the International Cherry Blossom Festival has turned into one of the Top 20 Events in the South, Top 50 Events in the U.S., and Top 100 Events in North America.

Mark your calendars from March 24, 2017 to April 2, 2017 for the International Cherry Blossom Festival.

 The International Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Georgia has been celebrated continuously for the past 35 years.

Each spring, residents and visitors gather to watch the wildly beautiful Cherry Blossom trees spring to life, full bloom.

The theme of the festival is “Love, Beauty, and International Friendship”, and with a message like that, why wouldn’t you want to attend?

This annual event in March allows guests from all over the world to watch over 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees bloom like they’ve never seen.

For 10 days, this spring-time festival unites thousands of people with the beauty of color in the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World.

But it isn’t all about blossoming trees at this festival.

There is tons to do when you visit the festival, including checking out any of the dozens of amusement parks rides and games offered.

Grab a plate of deliciously unique eats, most of which have a similar color theme if you know what we mean.

But make sure you stick around for the Tunes & Balloons Fireworks Finale which closes out the festival.

This incredible festival deserves to be explored each year with your closest friends and family.



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