Why Can’t Politics Be About Who Has The Better Qualifications

I am truly sick and tired of the way the direction of the Snellville elections are going.  I saw it in the last Mayoral elections and I am seeing it again.  It sickens me to death and I had to give my thoughts on it this time.

Why can’t it be all about qualifications rather than about total back stabbing and trying to tear a candidate down to the bone?  It should be left up to ME as a constituent to do my homework and decide who I personally feel is the best qualified to lead my city rather than for any one person to try to persuade me by telling me that the other person is a terrible person, or by sending out mailers giving me lies about the other candidate, filling my mailbox with lie after lie.  Sorry, but as far as I am concerned if I get a mailer about another person I consider it a lie no matter who it is about even if I do not know that person.  I feel that is dirty pool.  Send me a mailer about YOU and I will read it and consider it.  I will collect all the mailers, read them all, do my research and make my decision based on that research. BUT if you are going to tear down another candidate I will discard your information and will NOT vote for you as I do not feel you are qualified to run my city.

Send me a mailer, come to my door, meet me in town, and tell me all about YOU and YOUR qualifications, NOT about someone else.  I will hear about that at a debate.  And that is another thing.  IF YOU ARE A CANDIDATE AND THERE IS A DEBATE SCHEDULED, YOU BEST SHOW UP.  BECAUSE IF YOU DO NOT, DO NOT EXPECT TO GET MY VOTE AS YOU HAVE SHOWN ME YOU DO NOT CARE TO WIN THAT SPOT ON THE COUNCIL.  I want a mayor and council who care about my city.

Am I mad right now?  You bet I am.  I am tired of the mudslinging.  I am sick of seeing stupid flyers in my mailbox tearing other candidates down.  Those flyers have gone immediately into “file13”.  I have received others that have been read and have gone into my “vote” drawer.  They have shown me their desire to bring our city back to the wonderful way we used to be.  Think about it candidates…do you want to be a mud slinger or an honest candidate and win or lose be proud of your position in this upcoming election?

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  1. Very well written. Though if the last few years of watching how your city went you don’t know who your not going to vote for. Well, just saying.

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