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Councilman and blogtalkradio host Dave Emanuel


I would like to give a shout out to a very good informative blog radio program I never miss, “All About Gwinnett” hosted by Dave Emanuel.  The original is on at 6:30 PM Sunday evenings but you can listen to any show anytime by going to this link (which is what I often do). We’ve heard from Allison Wilkerson, Mayor of Grayson, Melvin Everson, former Snellville City Council member and State Rep, Tommy Hunter, Gwinnett County Commissioner for District 3 (our district) Bobby Howard, Snellville City Council and Connie Wiggins, Executive Director, Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful just to name a few. I thought all were very good programs, I learned something from each one and last night Dave covered a wide range of subjects of interest. Please take a minute and check it out, set your calenders for Sunday evenings, 6:30 PM.

Click the link below to the BlogTalkRadio shows:


  All About Gwinnett

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