Innocent Until Proven Guilty

It’s tough to keep up with stuff when you’re out of town and it’s even worse you can’t always get on the internet. So here I am a few days late. Everyone in Snellville probably knows that Mayor Tom Witts was indicted by on 65 counts of felonies and one misdemeanor.  That was a surprise to a lot of people. I guess they weren’t paying attention because the district attorney has been talking about going to the grand jury for about a year and a half.

A lot of people think an indictment means someone is guilty but doesn’t. Usually all it means is that the grand jury just rubber stamped whatever charges a district attorney wants to make.  So after a year and a half of investigations now he goes to the grand jury. Makes me wonder why it took so long and like a couple of other people said to me you also got to wonder why anyone would file 65 felony charges and one misdemeanor. Maybe a lawyer out there can answer that.

Whatever it is Mayor Witts is innocent until proven guilty. I see a lot of people on Facebook are saying he should resign. A lot of these people don’t even live in the city and they are the ones making the most noise. That makes me wonder too. Resigning is kind of like an admission of guilt so I hope he doesn’t resign. He’s done a great job for our city and he deserves his day in court.

I know some people will disagree with me but I bet if they were being indicted they’d be screaming about being innocent until proven guilty. And they would want everyone to give them the benefit of the doubt. Too bad they don’t want to do that for someone else.



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