Summer Days

Summer is upon us and with it the scorching heat that is so typical for the South with our wonderful humidity.  Fortunately pollen is now at a minimum, but for those of us who are growing up, heat can be a bit of concern when it comes to getting in some needed exercise.

What I want to talk about today is how great it is to get outdoors, and all the benefits of doing so.  Do you know what can happen to you if you get outside for 30 minutes a day and walk?  Just walking 30 minutes a day for five days a week has more benefits to your body than you realize.  When I found this out I was astonished. I had to share what I found with all of you.  Because of this, I have to get out every day.  Of course not when the weather is bad or it is raining, but if the good ole sun is shining you will now find me out doors walking.  Please check this out.  Someone shared this with me a short time ago.

 Read what it says and believe it.    That is enough to make me get out and get moving five days a week.  Thirty minutes out in the sun goes by so fast.  You will probably find yourself wanting to be out there 45 minutes after a while, maybe even an hour with some rest time in between. Take advantage of the time and the great things that being outside and a good walk can do for you. 

Most importantly, grab a buddy, walk early in the morning, or after the heat of the day has gone.  Be sure and take lots of water with you for hydration.

Remember to smile, stay young, enjoy life, and never stop growing up.


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