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A few of our readers have said that we only post things that fit our ‘agenda’. Not true. Among other things we have no agenda. We post articles that we think will interest people living in and around Snellville. We write some of those articles and others are submitted by people who have a news item or opinion they want to share. We offer the opportunity to be heard to anyone who cares to submit an article.

If we appear to be posting only articles that fit an agenda, it’s because article with opposing viewpoints are not being submitted. As an example, during the last city election, we reached out to ALL candidates and asked them to forward anything they would like to say. Candidates from one side submitted their thoughts, only one candidate from the other side responded with one small post announcing his intentions to run.

It has always been, and remains our policy to invite anyone in our community to submit articles for publication. We welcome them, and just ask that they follow a few simple guidelines.

  1. No profanity or vulgarity. Articles that violate this policy will be returned to the author.
  2.  No personal attacks on our fellow citizens. As you may or may not know a public figure is fair game- to a degree. However, criticisms of public figures should be limited to their public actions and not be personal attacks.
  3. We will edit your post for spelling, punctuation only, never for content. We may suggest you change the way a sentence is stated to make it easier to understand.
  4. Once we have done so, if any changes were made we will send it back to you to proof read. Only after you have given thumbs up it will be posted.
  5. Submissions for posting should be sent to

In the past, we had some people contributing really good articles, but some of those people moved away and others have gone on to other endeavors. Currently, the staff at The Snellville Times are the only ones posting, hence, we have been searching outside sources for interesting articles not just about our community but nation wide. Although we concentrate on topics concerning Snellville and surrounding parts of Gwinnett County, we also publish news and opinion articles from and about other parts of the country.

We want to make The Snellville Times your go to source for accurate and relevant news and provocative opinion. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your support.

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