And Now, Live From the Snellville…

Snellville recently added two live camera feeds to the city’s web site. One is aimed at the Veterans Memorial, the other at the Towne Green. You can view either one 24/7 and watch live video. That is just one of many changes made to the city web site. If you have not been on the Snellville city web site ( for a while, you’re missing out on some good information and some fun too. It was completely redone last year, is very impressive and new things are added all the time. I found it very easy to navigate and find what I wanted with little effort. You may be surprised at the many resources available.

You can also find links on the city’s web site at the lower left on the Community page. If you click on the link on one of those links, a small video comes up. If you click on that video, a larger one comes up. You can also click directly on the links below. If you go to the Green or the Memorial with your phone, you can bring up one of the camera feeds and see yourself.


As predicted, the meeting was very quiet and quick. Butch Sanders, the city manager, did announce that Oak Road park is expected to be totally finished by June 5th, at the latest. There has been a slight delay in the delivery of the pavilion, but nothing major.

Also, as I reported yesterday Councilman Bobby Howard announced he would not seek re-election (You can read his full statement on The  9 May 2017).



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