Fundraiser for Sgt Bruce Simmons Baton Rouge PD

On 17 July 2016 6 members of the Baton Rouge City Police and East Baton Rouge Parish Sherriff’s Office were shot in an attack on members of the LEO. 3 died on the scene and 3 were injured. One of the injured is a close friend to our own LEO, Det Laura Steele, SGt Bruce Simmons. Bruce is a husband, and a father. He has already had several surgeries to repair the shattered bones in his arm. He will have to have additional surgeries and physical therapy. The Sherriff’s Office is paying his salary and his insurance is paying for medical treatment but Bruce, like many LEO, worked extra jobs to supplement his income.

Do to the nature and extent of his injuries Bruce’s wife, Pam, has also taken a leave of absence from her job in order to help care for him.

Also, due to the recent flooding their house was flooded along with their cars, Bruce’s Harley. At this time they are living in their camper.

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I was told Gretchen Schultz will be gathering donations at The Snellville Farmers Market this weekend and Edward Sezonov (Snellville Honey Man) has challenged every vendor at the market to give at least $10 and he will give the vendor a free Honey Bear of Snellville honey. And there is also a collection jar at The Lincoln Fill Station. If you need directions you can contact Steve Pace on fb or Laura Steele.

Please reach out and help if you can.



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