GCB Announces the Launch of the ME Campaign

Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, in partnership with Gwinnett County has just launched a new  program called the ME Campaign.

Take Care of ME

I am the winding trail that encircles the park where your children and grandchildren love to play.


I am the peaceful stream that you discovered one day on a walk through the woods.


I am the grass that grows along the roads and sidewalks

you travel, day in and day out.


I am the wildflowers that line the median of the interstate and make you smile each spring.


I am the lake where you spent countless summer days

as a child.


I am the tree that sways in the breeze just beyond your bedroom window.


I am all of these things… and so much more.


I am your HOME.


Take care of ME.


So of course I ask,


Who is “ME”?


ME is a highly memorable acronym that stands for “My Environment”. It’s a new initiative created by Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and our partners at the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners. The “Keep ME Clean” campaign is intended to foster a sense of pride and personal responsibility among local citizens, families, neighbors, businesses, civic groups, local schools and organizations. Every time someone litters, it’s important to remember that they’re hurting ME. On the other hand, any time a person stoops down to pick up a piece of trash – or a whole group gathers for a cleanup event – you are helping ME. Together, WE can do great things!


I think this is a great thing and again, I applaud Ms. Connie Wiggins for her hard work and creative initiatives on this and the many other things she does to help keep our community clean and help us  be better stewards of  our environment.


Please click this link and go to the Clean & Beautiful website to see how you can get involved in helping assure we leave our kids a better, healthier environment.





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