Here’s a fun little quiz. This is how it works. In the comments leave your answers with corresponding number. If you don’t know one, skip that number. In a few days the staff report will post the correct answers. Good luck, get to know your candidates, get out and vote.
  1. Has sued the city council twice
  2. Has operated a business illegally for over two years (no business license)
  3. Was voted off the council in 2013
  4. Is a respected high school teacher
  5. Has served on the Planning Commission
  6. Was appointed to two different board positions and quit both
  7. Has raised thousands of dollars in donations to provide food for people in need
  8. Spearheaded the Veterans Memorial
  9. Violated a citizen’s first amendment rights
  10. Threatened the Marietta City Council
  11. Hasn’t really done anything of significance
  12. Is being controlled by an outsider who is trying to take over the city government
  13. Thinks city business can be accomplished by singing Kumbya
  14. Speaks two languages


  1. Ok. . . lay off the music teachers with the “Kumbayah” statement. Remember we can also sing/teach “We Shall Overcome,” “Hit the Road, Jack,” “I Can See Clearly Now,” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Just a reminder. . . 🙂

  2. 1.Kautz
    2.Molston and Lapides
    6. Harrison
    10. Sabbagh
    11. Lapides
    12.Lapides, Harrison, Kautz and Molston
    13.Would say Molston because she teaches music.
    14.Sabbagh(Arabic) and Marmol(Spanish)

    (Only my quess)

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