Councilman and blogtalkradio host Dave Emanuel

Leadership. How do define it? How do you describe it? Leaders are those willing to step out in front and take the responsibility for what happens no matter what the outcome. Leaders care not about personal gain but more about how to get results that benefit everyone. They work hard and they do whatever it takes to achieve the best results. Dave Emanuel is such a leader.  Dave cares deeply for the city in which he lives, but more importantly he cares for the citizens he represents. I have witnessed on more than one occasion Daves passion for the city. Dave can be seen at every event, usually on trash detail, or cleaning up afterwards. He’s always willing to lend a hand. His donation of time and commitment to Snellville is without question. From the fountain at the Veterans Memorial to the Community Garden. Dave Emanuel is there and ready to serve. Dave is a leader by example not by title. I hope you will join me in supporting Dave Emanuel for Snellville City Council.


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