New Day For Snellville

As we saw last week, campaign season brings out the worst in people. Negative mailouts filled with lies, people setting up phony web sites and registering domain names that have the name of a possible opponent were just a few of the shenanigans we saw recently.

This week we see that campaign season also brings out the best in people. Yesterday we received a mailout from Tom Witts who is running for mayor. It talks about uniting Snellville, keeping taxes low, attracting economic growth and bringing new jobs. All positive things that will make our city better.

Even more important, the mailout talks about ending the reckless lawsuits and embarrassing headlines that have hurt Snellville’s reputation. That might sound like just political talk except for one thing. Mr. Witts has already taken a big step towards bringing the unity he talks about.

What you also find on the mailout is a picture of him shaking hands with former mayor Emmett Clower. Mr. Clower is also quoted and he says, “I’m supporting Tom Witts because I believe he is the right leader to take us to new levels of success and restore our rightful place as a leader amongst the cities in Gwinnett”.


This is BIG. I don’t want to go into all the details of the past. Let’s just say Mr. Witts and Mr. Clower have been on two different sides of Snellville politics. Now they’re on the same side. That’s a big step towards bringing everyone together and working for what’s best for Snellville.


  1. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist”-Verbal. The Usual Suspects 1995. I hope this is true.

  2. Tom is showing his true powers as a leader of Snellville. I know Mayor Clower and Tom Witts were at polar opposites when Tom first got elected to office. But he has come through as he promised he would for the past 6 years always keeping what is best for the citizens and the city in the forefront. It is not hard to see his love for our wonderful city and Emmett Clower realizes this also. What has transpired for the past four years, caused by the current mayor and her minions, is totally disgusting. Her actions, time and time again, have hurt Snellville, its image and the citizens. We now have a great chance with Tom as mayor, and Dave Emanuel, Bobby Howard, Barbara Bender, Roger Marmol and Cristy Lenski as a supporting cast of council members, to totally reverse the negative image Kautz has brought to the city. Tom’s powers to bring people together are truly amazing and a gift few people have. He brings out and focuses on the good in people rather than looking at their negatives. Tom Witts is the leader we need for the position of Mayor of a united Snellville.

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