South Gwinnett HS Names Teacher of the Year

Allison Falch, south Gwinnett High School Teacher of the Year

Last week, South Gwinnett High School selected its teacher of the year. The award is made based on votes of the teaching staff. The finalists were Cristy Lenski, Natasha Jordan and Allison Falch.

The ceremony was held in the theater/auditorium at the school and the vote tally named Allison Falch as Teacher of the Year. In addition to receiving a rousing round of applause, she was warmly congratulated by both Ms. Lenski and Ms. Jordan.

Prior to the awarding of the title, students spoke about each of the three finalists. It was clear from their comments that all three finalists have made a significant, and very positive impact on students at the school. The comments showed that all three finalists go above and beyond in their efforts to educate and communicate with their students. South Gwinnett High School is fortunate to have so many outstanding teachers and in Eric Thigpen, an outstanding principal.

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Congratulations to all.

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