2 Thoughts Combined Into 1 – Suck it up Buttercup

What happened to the good ole’ days? Seriously! Everyone could talk, everyone could have an opinion. The world didn’t have to change just because a particular group didn’t like something. Now a days….good grief! Grow up people!

Do you remember, being able to go into a store, not having any money, so you put your name in a book that promised as soon as you got the money, you would come pay? I lived in Hoschton for a while during my 1st marriage. We still had one of those stores. Let me tell you how many times it saved us because we were in between paychecks. What happened to those days? Do y’all remember how happy everyone was? Do y’all remember what it was like to be trusted? To be able to talk? To be able to have differences but live as one???

Why can’t we have that kind of trust again? Why is everything “well, it’s not in the contract” or “you signed that piece of paper” or “I did it because…blah blah blah”. Everyone is too quick to want to go to court because something didn’t go their way. Again, GROW UP PEOPLE!!!! What are we teaching our youth? If something doesn’t go your way, act like a 2 year old and pitch a fit, and you will eventually get your way!?!?! Good grief!

WE HAVE TO BREAK THE CYCLE!!!!! We have to get back to “A Man (or woman)’s word and a handshake” mentality. We have to! Today’s kids…..Lord help us! We are trying so hard to break our son of “It’s not my fault.” I can’t tell you how many times in the last few weeks, I have heard that come from his mouth. My next question “Did you do it?” or “Did you say it?” WELL, THEN IT IS YOUR FAULT!!!!!

I took a Law class in 1997 with a teacher who is now retired. We used to LOVE getting in debates within the class. And guess what, we would all argue our point. All of us would get angry sometimes. We would all think “Seriously, they’re an idiot.” BUT, we would then leave that classroom, go to lunch, or to our next class and be completely fine. We didn’t demand the school to change the rules. We didn’t want to get rid of the class. We didn’t act like toddlers and pitch a fit the rest of the day. We agreed to disagree.

What has happened? Why are we so easily offended? Why can’t we agree to disagree? Why can’t we trust people to act and say what they say they are going to do? Where have we gone wrong???

This is one of those topics, I would love feedback. This is my opinion. What’s yours??



  1. The world got smaller, the small grocery stores replaced by grocery chains. Factories closed. People lost jobs. Population explosion. Jobs shipped to other countries. Jobs here given to immigrants because they work for so little and we wouldn’t do them (with good reason). Anger builds when the people you elect kiss up to the PACs and ignore the people who voted for them. Greed. So many reasons. Our world is the past. Trust me, I so wish my children and grandchildren could have the innocent world we had(barring what went on behind some closed doors)but those days are our memories. I was raised to be respectful and polite. Today they are raised with electronics, heads down, almost incapable of “conversation”. My grandchildren are polite and loving fortunately, tho they still have the electronics. So, what now!? Damned if I know!

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