The Effects of Carrier

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of the deal Mr Trump pulled off. Carrier Corporation was set to close a plant and lay off 1000 workers. The impact on the community and the families was going to be catastrophic. How does this effect us here in Georgia? Why should we care? Let me explain. 

We all have A/C units right? They all require repair and maintenance from time to time right? Now if you’re like me, you have a service contract with a company that keeps an eye on it. That company, services and buys parts for your unit. They employ several people who specialize in Carrier products, and they provide a service that enables them to provide for their families. Now this is where it gets complicated. You see while not everyone owns a Carrier unit, they do need a skilled technician to fix the one they have. These people go into business to provide the services we need.  You see their trucks all over town, and you count on them to be there when needed. Now let’s say Carrier closes its plant and lays off 1000 people. Where do they go? What happens to the small repair companies that count on the repair work? They suffer because repair parts must now come from a foreign country, and availability be challenging.

What most folks fail to see here are the two most important issues:
  1. American jobs have been saved
  2. We have a President Elect that’s ready to work on day 1.
Our nation is in need of leadership at home and abroad. I believe this is just the beginning of what is yet to come. We must all remember that this is not about one company or one man, but about a whole nation.  A nation that I believe, has bright future.
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