The Trees on Scenic Hwy at QT – Why They Were Cut Down

Recently I saw some chatter on social media concerning the trees on Scenic Highway at the Quick Trip station. I remember a year or so ago when we saw over 30 trees cut down at the Kroger/Home Depot shopping center. The removal of those trees was a violation of the city’s tree ordinance that resulted in hefty fines and a requirement to plant replacement trees. When the trees in front of QT were cut down, it seemed like it might be another violation of the tree ordinance.

As it turns out, it wasn’t. I was curious about what happened at the QT. Jason Thompson, the Director of the the city’s Planning & Development Department says that QT did everything properly in dealing with trees that had been severely damaged.  The basic Timeline is:

May 2016 Quick Trip reached out about replacing the 7 mature oaks that were cut/mangled by the Walton EMC’s contractor for power line right of way maintenance. The trees had grown directly into the power lines.
May 2016 – The City hired Chris Barneycastle, Certified Arborist, to review and access the trees on the property.
March 2017 – A plan was submitted by Q-trip
April 2017 – Plan was reviewed by staff and arborist and comments were given for improvement of the plan.
April 21, 2017 – Plan was resubmitted and approved with specific plantings that would work under the power lines. (Attached)
May 1, 2017 – Clearing and Grubbing Permit Issued (for removal of damaged trees).
Perhaps this will clear any confusion on the matter. We appreciate Jason Thompson providing us with the detailed information above.

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