Trash in My Mailbox

I thought it was against the law to put trash in a mailbox. That’s what I thought when I received a really strange piece of mail a couple of days ago. From what I’ve seen on Facebook, a lot of other people had the same reaction. The mail I received is called a “hit piece” or a “smear piece”. These kinds of things are typical when campaign season starts before an election. I’ve seen them before, but I have to say this is the poorest one I have ever seen. Someone spent a lot of money sending out garbage, an estimated $2,600 – $3,000. All it has are some false statements and a make-believe lawyer’s bill.


That’s not just an opinion, it’s a fact based on the research I did. I couldn’t find one thing on the mailer that is true. It’s also really fishy that the return address on the mailer lists someone by the name of Joe Newton who lives in Norcross. Why is someone from Norcross sending out a trashy piece of mail about two people running for Snellville City Council? Because apparently that’s what the Joe Newton does. I found a few other things he has done and they’re all trashy smear pieces.

Then I thought I bet the guy isn’t even real, so I did some searching on the internet. He’s a real person. His full name is Joseph Wesley Newton but judging by what I found, he’s not anyone I want to know. My search told me that before he lived in Gwinnett County, he lived in Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC. It also told me he has several felony convictions and a few misdemeanor convictions. Some of these are for sexual assault.

So why is Joe Newton, who seems to be nothing but a convicted felon from Norcross, trying to smear Tom Witts and Dave Emanuel? My bet is that someone else is paying him to do it. Some of the people I spoke to think Kelly Kautz is behind it because she has taken a lot of criticism about all the legal bills Snellville taxpayers have had to pay. Also, at this point we don’t know of anyone else who is running against Tom Witts or Dave Emanuel. This mailer tries to make it look like Witts and Emanuel are to blame.

That’s about as far from the truth as you can get. Kelly Kautz filed the lawsuits that taxpayers had to pay for and then she wants the taxpayers to pay her legal fees to boot.

But judging by all the lawsuits against her in Gwinnett Court for not paying her bills, I don’t think Kautz has enough money to pay for this mail out. So who is the money man behind it?

Looks like I have more research to do.



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  2. Joe Newton, in my opinion, is someone’s paid mouthpiece. All of his ‘facts’ are fudge – they just don’t hold up. At all.

  3. Hi, I too got this in my mail. I called Joe Newton and told him in a very nice way that this was a bunch of falsehoods. I actually got to talk to him.

  4. A great job Steve. You are telling it like it is. It is a shame these type of things continue to go on in Snellville.

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